Drinks for Pisces Season

As the ice thaws, the world around us softens and the Pisces come out to play. Pisces can be excellent friends, so they are very well suited to many social drinking situations. Whether they’re out for an early evening social or grabbing a beer with a pal, there are a lot of great drink matches for the Pisces in your life.

Homemade Punch

If you are a Pisces who loves to entertain, you already have a go-to party drink recipe. It makes sense if you know a Pisces who throws great parties – they are the helpers of the zodiac, and as such are the perfect hosts. Pisces tend to befriend a mix of people and are ready to make everyone feel welcome. They will likely have a trademark special recipe that they serve at home or bring to events. Perhaps they will even whip up a Neptune Punch as a tribute to their sign’s ruling planet. Either way, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Five Best Friends

This isn’t going to be your tastiest shooter, but it’s more the message that’s important here. A Pisces will be your best bud, but they like to keep it intimate – five is the perfect number. Like the different voices in this shot, a Pisces is sociable to the point where they will befriend many different types of people. In this shooter, those people are Jose (Cuervo), Jim (Beam), Jack (Daniels), Johnnie (Walker), and Jager (meister). Everyone is represented. Not everyone likes to hit the liquor this hard, and I’m not suggesting a Pisces is a lush. But if you are going to get rowdy and sloppy, your Pisces friend is the best on to go there with you.

This is a pretty straightforward recipe, but you can view it here.

The Aviation

The story of the Aviation is that of a lovely, indigo, oft-forgotten cocktail. For much of its history, cocktail makers neglected the the crème de violette liqueur, a key ingredient that tempered the drink’s flavor and gave it its blue hue. Pisces, ever the good listener, are the perfect match for a cocktail accompanied by an underdog story. Violet is one of the key colors associated with Pisces, and this ingredient was missing from the U.S. market until 2007. The metaphor of missing beauty returning to remedy something that’s too sour is perfect for Pisces: the violet liqueur helps strike a perfect, subtle balance, using it’s adaptability and unique, creative insight to compliment this gin drink.

You can read the full history of the Aviation here.


As good of a drinking buddy as they are, Pisces are more likely to enjoy an intimate brunch than to have a boisterous party. These intuitive listeners value intimacy and connection, and they don’t need a fancy drink if they’re with a friend. A brunch is an ideal environment for a Pisces: they are great problem solvers, so an opportunity to dish or connect with friends, and afterwards they can go home and relax with a book.

Lemon Lilac Martini

The perfect drink as springtime approaches. Like the Aviation, this martini incorporates a dash of the Pisces purple with the lemon tartness to balance out a sweet taste. Like mimosas, these martinis are a great drink to share a chat over, and the floral theme is great for our hopelessly romantic Pisces. A gentle drink perfectly accompanies the compassionate Pisces, and as spring begins to bloom this month, so will our dear, March-born friends.

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